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3rd Generation SRS
2 Tracks: SRSassist & SRSpick
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Two choices for your surgery planning...

SRSmentor is pleased to announce a new and exclusive way of finding your SRS surgeon.  A method which gives you the greatest choice with the maximum safety.

You are offered two paths to find your surgeon—SRSpick and SRSassist.


With this method you will be able to suggest a surgeon you have chosen and SRSmentor will assist you in applications.  SRSmentor will guide you in your applications giving you the greatest chance of acceptance as a patient in the best possible time scalebut we cannot guarantee your chosen provider meets all or any of SRSmentor's own standards of excellence.


With this method SRSmentor will use its expertise, knowledge and experience to find you the best and most experienced surgeon working in an A-List hospital within your budget and time scale.  With SRSassist, we guarantee your chosen surgeon and hospital meets all of our standards of excellence.
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